The companies, which possess recent technologies in casting, machining, heat treatment, surface treatment,
   and assembling, in Okayama ally to manufacture complex aircraft components for our customers.
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■ Contact・・・MD Shinji Fukushima
■ Phone・・・・・Phone.+81-86-953-1314  FAX.+81-86-953-1315  E-Mail:
Create functional components with our highly precise machining technology
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【Technology and Product】
High-precision cutting
We always maintain the required quality for extremely precise components using our cutting, boring, threading, grinding, and polishing technologies. We have computer controlled milling machines and lathes capable of machining at the accuracy of 1/1000mm, and these machines enable us to perform at an extremely high level machining of shafts and pulley components.
At the same time, we have more than 50 machining centers in total, making possible the quick and secure delivery of highly accurate parts with outstanding functions.
We are proud of our tooth cutting technique that allows production of gears from raw materials. Advanced know-how gained from our long experience in this field enables us to rapidly manufacture highly accurate gears.
Wire cutting
By the combination of other processes with cutting, various complex contours can be realized.
■ Advantages
Over 100 units of machine tools, such as NC auto lathes, NC lathes, and machining centers, in our production line, make possible the precise cutting and milling of various materials. We also assemble semi-conductor and liquid crystal components, as well as automatic machines to save manpower in the production area. We have a “Clean room” in which dust is strictly controlled to maintain a clean environment for manufacturing such delicate components.
■ Range of application
1.Aircraft components 2.Electronic components
3.Components for medical devices
4.Components for general machine tools
■ Material availability
Aluminum, Titanium, Stainless steel, etc.

【Company Profile】
■ Company Name Kowa Industries Corporation
■ Representative MD Shinji Fukushima
■ Address 〒709-0841
1098 Mantomi, Seto-cho, Higashi-ku,
Okayama-shi, Okayama, Japan
■ Establishment 1946
■ Capital 88 million yen
■ Employees 85
■ Major products Manufacturing and assembling of clean robot parts. manufacturing of medical parts. Development, manufacturing, assembling, and sales of MTB Suspension.
■ Remarks ISO9001 certified in 1998
■ Web site URL
Kowa Industries Corporation
Major Equipment

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