The companies, which possess recent technologies in casting, machining, heat treatment, surface treatment,
   and assembling, in Okayama ally to manufacture complex aircraft components for our customers.
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■ Contact・・・GM, Sales Masahiro Sato
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Production of critical parts for cutting-edge machinery
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5-face milling machine【Technology and Product】
High-grade processing
We have been providing our customers with major advanced components, such as extra-high-grade large aluminum machining parts. We also provide parts whose manufacture requires the combination of can welding technology and precise machining technology. These parts are used for assembling machines in various industries. We deliver within a short time and without delays. Generally, we make prototypes during our manufacturing and assembling trials in the house. All of our employees enthusiastically work to maintain high quality of our products through entire development and manufacturing stages. For these reasons, Sanyo Tekko Co. Ltd. is rated as an advanced company with abilities to troubleshoot, to solve problems, and to concentrate on creating high quality products by our customers.
Ultralight plane (Double-seated)■ Advantages
Precise machining in the temperature-controlled room.
■ Examples of products
 ・ Aircraft components
 ・ Components for IT machinery
  (aluminum and stainless steel)
 ・ Vacuum vessels
 ・ Components for food machinery (stainless steel)
 ・ Mass production parts and serial parts
 ・ Large components
 ・ Components to be assembled
 ・ Limit design components
Ultralight plane (single seater)■ Machining accuracy
Measure parts using DBB (of Renishaw)
 ・ Quadrant projection: 3μm
 ・ Concentricity: 6μm
  (in entire areas of F=1000〜7000)
■ Material availability
SS, SUS, Aluminum, etc.
Sport aircrafts
“Puffin” and “Lemon” are ultra-light aircraft developed by Sanyo Tekko Co. Ltd. We are capable of everything from basic designing, aerodynamic analysis, construction analysis, element tests, and components manufacturing, to assembling, entire load testing, and flight testing.

【Company Profile】
■ Company Name Sanyo Tekko Co. Ltd.
■ Representative CEO Junji Ishii
■ Address 〒710-0805
1010-1 Katashima-cho, Kurashiki, Japan
■ Establishment 1947
■ Capital 20 million yen
■ Employees 65
■ Major products Large aluminum components for IT machinery,
components of large precise machinery, designing and fabrication of aircrafts, assembling machines for automobiles
A series of production from material, machining, welding, assembling, and to commissioning
■ Remarks JISQ9100/AS9100 certified in October 2006
Developed and introduced the SPS (Toyota Production System Sanyo Tekko Version)
■ Web site URL
Sanyo Tekko Co. Ltd.
Major Equipment

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