The companies, which possess recent technologies in casting, machining, heat treatment, surface treatment,
   and assembling, in Okayama ally to manufacture complex aircraft components for our customers.
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■ Contact・・・CEO Koji Takeda
■ Phone・・・・・Phone.+81-869-67-2130  FAX.+81-869-67-2392  E-Mail:
Utilizing the technologies for ship engine designing and manufacturing,
we have know-how to manufacture critical parts for medical instruments, IT machinery,
and thermal and wind-power generators using the world’s most advanced technologies
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【Technology and Product】
Main housing for gas turbineFrom thin to large parts using from soft to hard materials
Established almost 100 years ago, we are a traditional small company with outstanding expertise. Our total ability to quickly and economically manufacture a variety of products from small to large using sophisticated technologies and facilities is so highly evaluated by our customers that they rated us as a champion representing Japan. Many of our customers are well known in Japan, too. Last year, Takeda was introduced in the magazine published by Sandvi, one of the world’s top toolmakers, and we are so proud about that.
■ Advantages
・Machining of large parts for ship internal combustion engines
・Nearly 40 large machinery enabled the machining similar to which done by major machining companies
・Precise machining of thin rings such as bearings
Fixtures for aircraft manufacturing・Machining of extra-hard materials such as Hs90
・Hardening, machining, and assembling of large gears of approximately Φ2500 with shafts
■ Range of application
・Components for large machine tools, medical devices, IT machinery, ships
・Critical parts of machinery for food industry, construction, energy production (thermal, water, wind, and nuclear power generators, gas turbine, and city gas supply)
■ Material availability
From difficult materials to extra-hard materials
Titanium, Inconel, Hychorome FC, etc.
First host bulb engine made by our own in 1946 Rotar heads for nation's largest 2400kW wind power generation
Axle Frame for machines used in Tokyo DisneylandWorld largest class RTA84 Crank Gear

HQ【Company Profile】
■ Company Name Takeda Ironworks Corporation
■ Representative CEO Koji Takeda
■ Address HQ
 2354-2 Aza-shinden, Honami, Bizen, Japan
Katakami Factory
 2554-6 Higashikatakami, Bizen, Japan
■ Establishment 1892
■ Capital 10 million yen
■ Employees 45
■ Major products Components for large machine tools, medical devices, ships, food industry, construction machinery, energy production (thermal, water, wind, and nuclear power generators, gas turbine, and city gas supply)
■ Web site URL
Takeda Ironworks Corporation
Major Equipment

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