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■ Contacté•é•é•CEO Hideaki Tanaka
■ Phoneé•é•é•é•é•Phone.+81-866-92-1157  FAX.+81-866-92-1560  E-Mail: tanaka-t@mx31.tiki.ne.jp
Manufacturing of large components from mass production to urgent small lot shipping
on a round-the-clock basis to meet requests of customers
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【Technology and Product】
Combined machining of large components
We are capable of commercial manufacturing of large components, as well as urgently needed small lot components, on a round-the-clock basis using 18 gantry-type planer and milling machines, which includes 8.5-plane milling machines, whose width is 3,100mm.
Precise machining
We are capable of precise machining using many large and medium-sized NC machine tools.
High-speed non-ferrous metal part manufacturing for semi-conductors, liquid crystals, medical devices, nuclear power plants and machines, and space planes is one of our special fields.
■ Advantages
We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality products using our cutting edge technologies, well-equipped machining facilities, always working in a generous spirit in order to contribute to our customers°« well-being
■ Range of application
1.Aircraft components
2.Electronic components
3.Railcar components
4.Components for general industrial machinery
■ Processing accuracy
We have various measuring machines and tools to meet customers°« requirements
■ Material availability
From aluminum to SUS steel, Inconel, Titanium

【Company Profile】
■ Company Name Tanaka Machinery Inc.
■ Representative CEO Hideaki Tanaka
■ Address 〒709-1122
700-11 Shimobayashi, Soja, Japan
■ Establishment 1956
■ Capital 10 million yen
■ Employees 70
■ Major products Cutting and milling of vehicles, medical,
and semi-conductor components, stamping die making, large machining parts, and can making
■ Remarks ISO9001 certified in 2006
[Genkina Monozukuri SMEs 300] award winner (2009)(METI)
■ Web site URL http://ww31.tiki.ne.jp/~tanaka-t/