The companies, which possess recent technologies in casting, machining, heat treatment, surface treatment,
   and assembling, in Okayama ally to manufacture complex aircraft components for our customers.
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■ Contact・・・GM of Okayama Office Isamu Kanchiku
■ Phone・・・・・Phone.+81-868-72-3901  FAX.+81-868-72-4871  E-Mail:
Only one piece, small lot, and large lot. We, a unique company of precise machining, have been delivering satisfaction to our customers. Quality products are the satisfaction of customers, and thus, we continue our efforts in creating such products.
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【Technology and Product】
State-of-the-art riveting and forming technologies (radial riveting)
Universal joint in rivet processOur unique technologies actualized the extra-precise riveting of various materials and parts which used to be difficult to rivet.
■ Advantages
The pressure given to punch will move the punch down and press the rivet slightly. This motion is repeated for several thousand times in a second so that even riveting with good appearance and no structural issues can be achieved. This process is suitable for the riveting of 1mm or less, part forming which requires high quality, and plastic riveting.
■ Range of application
Automotive and aircraft parts manufacturing (brake, airbag, steering link, plastic processing, etc.)
■ Processing accuracy
■ Material availability
Stainless, die-cast metal, titanium, hard aluminum, polycarbonate, etc.
We will supply parts which are required the microscopic accuracy and absolute reliability.
Spindle for machine tool"Precision" and "mass production" often conflict. However, we strived to create volume-production machinery and tools which are essential to the actualization of both "precision" and "mass production" as our keywords are "flexible" and "creative". Now, our long accumulated know-how was highly valued.
■ Advantages
Introduction of highly accurate machines, training offered to be skilled operator, and production control based on IT systems are our tools to improve our production technologies. We ensure to meet customers' expectations by supplying extra precise and fine parts with absolutely reliable quality.
■ Range of application
Computer components, VTR components, DVD/CD-RW pickup parts, AV machine components, various prototypes, airbag parts, grinding, spindle for machine tools, fixtures, and cutting tools (crescentic reamer, etc.)
■ Processing accuracy
■ Material availability
Aluminum, aluminum die-cast, stainless, aluminum allow with high content of silicon, titanium, magnesium

【Company Profile】
■ Company Name Nakaseiki Co., Ltd. Okayama Factory
■ Representative Plant GM Tatsumi Kanda
■ Address 〒707-0043
33 Miuchi, Mimasaka, Okayama, Japan
■ Establishment 1952
■ Capital 20 million yen
■ Employees 70
■ Major products (1) Machining parts, such as computer
components, VTR components, airbag parts, and spindle of machine tools.
(2) Original products: Air chuck, hand press machine, precise rivet machine, air hammer, tooling fixtures, etc.
■ Remarks IS09001 Certified in June, 2001
IS014001 Certified in February, 2005
■ Web site URL
Nakaseiki Co., Ltd.
Major Equipment

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