The companies, which possess recent technologies in casting, machining, heat treatment, surface treatment,
   and assembling, in Okayama ally to manufacture complex aircraft components for our customers.
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【Major Equipment】
Machines and FacilitiesCapacityQ’ty
Machining center with MILLAC853PF-5X(Okuma)3,000×800×700H1
Machining center with MC6V A axis(Okuma)500×900×500H2
Machining center NMC4VB A axis(Okuma)400×600×400H1
NC Lathes LB300M-C with M-function(Okuma)Φ300×900L1
NC Lathes LB300M with M-function(Okuma)Φ300×300L1
NC Lathes LB15 (Okuma)Φ250×500L1
NC Lathes LB25 (Okuma)Φ350×1,000L4
NC Lathes LCS25 (Okuma)Φ300×300L2
Vertical Milling machine 2VNC(Okuma Howa)300×600×350H1
Horizn. Milling machine 2HNC(Okuma Howa)300×600×350H1
Internal grinding machine GRI40C(Taisei)Φ200×250L1
Universal grinding machine, multi-purpose GU30(Okuma)Φ300×600L1
Universal grinding machine, multi-purpose GU40(Okuma)Φ350×900L2
Cylindrical grinding machine, multi-purpose G27(Shigiya)Φ250×500L1
Cylindrical grinding machine, multi-purpose GP40(Okuma)Φ400×900L1
Center lathe, multi-purpose LS850(Okuma)Φ300×800L1
Center lathe, multi-purpose LS1250(Okuma)Φ300×1,200L2
Center lathe, multi-purpose LS1500(Okuma)Φ350×1,350L1
Radial boring machine, multi-purpose DRJ1600 (Okuma)1,200×800H1
Radial boring machine, multi-purpose DRJ2500 (Okuma)2,000×1,000H1
Upstand drilling machine, multi-purpose YD2-55(Yoshida) 1
Table drilling machine, multi-purpose ASD360(Asina) 2
Upstand band saw, multi-purpose H550E(Amada) 1
Lapping machine (in-house product) 1
Through-type demagnetizer auxiliary devices (Denshi Jiki Kogyo)400×300×80A1
Overhead crane(Hitachi)1t4
Overhead crane(Hitachi)2t1
Others: Graphite surface table, various testing devices, and measuring devices1set
Technology and Product, Company Profile
Nakatsuka Iron Works Co., Ltd.

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