The companies, which possess recent technologies in casting, machining, heat treatment, surface treatment,
   and assembling, in Okayama ally to manufacture complex aircraft components for our customers.
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■ Contact・・・CEO Nobuyuki Nagasaki
■ Phone・・・・・Phone.+81-869-64-2865  FAX.+81-869-64-4860  E-Mail:
Our performance is consistently dynamic and creative
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【Technology and Product】
Creative & Challenging spirit
We challenge ourselves to use the latest technologies, such as machining of super-conductive materials, and we assist in the development of businesses in various industrial fields with our creative and dynamic spirit in order to develop and manufacture new products.
Please see our achievements in the past
Machining of parts for the secondary mirror of "SUBARU", a telescope mounted in the Mauna Kea Observatory in Hawaii.
Materials: Steel and forged materials
5460L Hopper Inserting at accuracy of 5/100mm Materials: Copper alloy and SUS304
Assembling and testing of medical machinery Materials: AC4C Super-conductive parts whose thickness is 1.6t(at body) Material: SUS310S

【Company Profile】
■ Company Name Nagasaki Iron Works Co., Ltd.
■ Representative CEO Nobuyuki Nagasaki
■ Address 〒705-0022
2490-5 Higashi- Katakami, Bizen, Okayama, Japan
■ Establishment 1949
■ Capital 10 million yen
■ Employees 41
■ Major products Parts for iron work machinery, dies and fixtures for automobile machinery, mold for casting, other parts for machine tools
■ Web site URL
Nagasaki Iron Works Co., Ltd.
Major Equipment

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