The companies, which possess recent technologies in casting, machining, heat treatment, surface treatment,
   and assembling, in Okayama ally to manufacture complex aircraft components for our customers.
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■ Contact・・・Machining Division Assistant Director Akihiro Yamamoto
■ Phone・・・・・Phone.+81-86-958-2216  FAX.+81-86-958-2728  E-Mail:
Four core technologies:
machine designing, electrical and electronics, heat treatment, and precise machining
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【Technology and Product】
5-axis machining centerThe Machining Division of Mori Machinery participates in the production of components for semiconductor manufacturing machinery, components for FA robots, and components for high accuracy rotary presses. Within these processes, we have established practical technologies in areas such as CAD/CAM, simultaneous 5 axis MC, processing of materials which are difficult to grind, and 3D measurement equipment. By applying these comprehensive strengths to the field of processing components for aircraft, we respond to the needs of customers by performing all of the following steps within our company: proposal of a processing plan, design and manufacturing of processing jigs, processing, and measurement evaluation.
Moving Towards Manufacturing that Uses 3D Data
■ Advantages
The four core technologies that have been refined by the business activities of each of the divisions in Mori Machinery are machine design, electricity and electrons, heat processing and precision machining. We apply these core technologies to all of our products and consult aim for new types of manufacturing.
■ Range of application
CATIA data is the basis for a series of steps from the creation of programs, the design and manufacturing of jigs, processing, and until the evaluation of measurements.
・Processing of components for aircraft
・Processing of jigs
■ Processing accuracy
・Specified dimensional tolerance Specified geometric tolerance
・CATIA 3D Model Comparison Evalution
■ Material availability
・Heat resistant alloyed metal  ・Titanium alloyed metal
・15-5PH  ・Aluminum, etc.
Jet engine componentsProcessing product image (5 axis component, airframe component)

【Company Profile】
■ Company Name Mori Machinery Corporation
■ Representative President Toru Mori
■ Address 〒701-2434 1383 Niborihigashi, Akaiwa, Japan
■ Establishment 1948
■ Capital 20 million yen
■ Employees 370
■ Major products CB robot, Cost saving machines (ATC, APC),
rotary press, Chemical device (tablet press machine, dies and punches),
aircraft components (airframe components, G/E components),
Ring die for environment machine
■ Remarks ISO9001 certified in 2004  (2 departments)
■ Web site URL
Mori Machinery Corporation
Major Equipment

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